Erica Landfors (Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, 1970)

Born and raised in a small town in the area of the High Coast in the northern part of Sweden, the artist arrived to Spain more than twentyfive years ago where she after some time started her career as a visual artist. Nature is an important element in both her life and her work: it is both inspiration and raw material. She is interested in matters regarding investigating her own history and mind. The majority of her work is threedimensional – sculptures or installations – in materials such as fabric and organic material that she collects in the surroundings during her walks. She has a curious mind and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the university Miguel Hernández and has also studied Spanish philology, graphic design and cultural journalism among other things.

She has participated in Spanish and international exhibitions and has works in private collections both in Spain and other European countries.

She is a member of the international association of women artists EmPoderArte.